Vancey McCallam

I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing both Reiki and body kneading from Shy. First I’ll like to tell you about my first but certainly not last Reiki session. My knee was in a lot of pain. I went to the doctor and they gave me a lot of pills which did nothing to ease my pain. My doctor couldn’t understand why I was in so much pain and mentioned that stress causes internal problems to come to the surface. It sounded like something Shy would say so I called her and told her about it. She told me that she agreed wholeheartedly with what the doctor said and asked if I would be open to a holistic alternative method of healing. I told her sure. She told me she would gladly give me Reiki. I’ve never heard about it but because I trusted her and believed her when she said it can do no harm I made an appointment. She arrived with her massage table and was all about business and I admired that. The fact that we know each other did not make the session informal. I was a client and she meant business. I liked her professionalism. She told me what I should expect prior but I still didn’t know what to expect if you know what I mean. She explained everything that she was doing every step of the way which made me feel even more comfortable. She first did some sort of scan and confirmed that she did feel something in my knee but also over my heart. When she started going through the different hand positions I felt heat at different places of my body. For example, she was at my ears and shoulders but I felt the heat in my knee. She explained that the energy is going where it needs to go. At one point I felt an intense heat but although it was very hot it was not uncomfortable, actually it was so soothing that I fell asleep right there on the table. I felt so relaxed. When she woke me up from the session she did another scan and told me that my heart and knee feels better. Honestly when I took stock of how I was feeling I did feel different and lighter. I felt like I could see clearly. I felt happy! You see I was under so much stress that I was crying a lot and after the session I just felt so rejuvenated and just lighter. I can’t think of a better way to explain it. I also noticed that there was no pain in my knee. There was another time that I was talking to her, complaining that my feet have been swollen for days. She was in the neighborhood and came right over and went straight to the swollen foot and got to work. Again, there was this heat but it was even more intense than the last time. She explained that she had some other form of Reiki that gives the other Reiki an extra boost. It didn’t matter to me because right before my eyes I saw my swollen foot going down. Afterwards I walked around and there was no pain. Just like the last time when I had the knee problem. I was so thankful! After the Reiki I got a body rub. Boy oh boy did it feel good. It was my first time ever receiving one. I always hear of people treating themselves to one but I never thought it would be affordable for me. I’m glad it was. Oh boy, when she put the oil on her hands and got to work on my body it was incredible! I felt like I was at a spa or a beach drinking a refreshing lemonade while having body work done on me. It was simply amazing. I felt her working out the knots that I had and then I started to feel like jello. Needless to say I fell asleep, but this time I woke myself of from my own snoring. Need I say more?

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