Mark Britton

I can attest that Reiki really works. I would like to share two testimonies that I've had since I've experienced Reiki. First encounter with Reiki was when I called Shaniquea and I told her that I was feeling banged up after playing basketball and my body felt weak. She told me to get on the table and she stretched me out so good I almost cried lol. I didn’t have to tell her where all the pain was. It’s like she has this natural ability to know where it is. Then she told me she was about to begin doing Reiki. Her hands were so soothing over the areas that were really sore and they got hot and cool. It felt like an icy hot patch! That is so amazing to me : - ). When I left there I felt like linguini. I didn't want to leave because I felt like laying there and going right to sleep. Second experience was when my knee was really giving me problems and it was so bad that I couldn't make it to her. Somehow she was able to send long distance Reiki to me and I didn't notice any changes. However, the very next morning while heading to work, I knew that it worked because there wasn't as much pain as the previous night. By the second day there was no more pain whatsoever. For those who don't believe in Reiki I urge you to reconsider your thoughts. It's powerful!

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