Kundalini Reiki


As a Kundalini Reiki Master I'm able to treat five specific ailments. If during a Reiki session you would like one of the following specific Reiki treatments just let me know once upon arrival and I'll gladly incorporate it in the session. If the session is long distance, just let me know in an email that you would like one of the treatments incorporated. These additions are all free of charge during any Reiki session purchased.


Crystalline Reiki: $65/60mins      $80/75mins      $95/90mins

Over all of the body we have small deposits of certain crystals. These are exit points for the traumas we have experienced through life. Every time we postpone dealing with any trauma, a crystal forms. A trauma can be anything from a broken arm, a sprain, grief, etc. For example someone breaks their arm, a crystal forms to hold the memory of the pain and the feelings of that trauma. If there aren’t any unresolved problems or feelings behind this trauma, the crystals can be dissolved and healed. Almost every crystal around the body can be healed. A Crystalline Reiki treatment cannot be given as a long-distance healing.


DNA Reiki:

This strengthens the ability to heal DNA strands (our blue print). Negative inherited genetics and diseases can now be healed and you will see noticeable results after the first 3 weeks. This healing can be used for both “hands on” and remote, long distance treatments.  It is only necessary to receive one treatment per person. 


The Trauma of Birth:

The most severe trauma is usually the process of being born.  This can be healed using  both “hands-on” and remote, long distance treatments. It is only necessary to give one treatment per person. 


Location Reiki:

Just as there are karmic bands/ties between people, there is also a band/tie between people, places, and even the Earth. These bands can cause us to feel weighed down and sometimes have a negative influence on our physical health. This healing can be done by both “hands-on” and remote, long distance treatments. It is only necessary to receive one treatment per person. 


Past Life Reiki:

This is to heal the blockages from your earlier life. This can be done as a “hands-on” or remote, long-distance healing. There should be 3 sessions to a complete treatment.

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