Kacheef White

I pushed myself to the max while running recently. I had the worse shin splints ever! Not to mention my body was tight and sore. I told Shaniquea about it and she suggested doing some bodywork on me and then Reiki. I’m inflexible and everywhere felt so tight. She did some sort of stretching to me and after I felt like jello. I felt like ice then after I felt like a running waterfall. Then she gave me Reiki. In one hour I was able to stop moaning and was able to walk around without much pain. I’m familiar with Reiki so I wasn’t surprised how quickly it worked but I was just glad that she was able to help. The first time I received body kneading from her, it was also the first time from anyone, therefore I didn’t know what to expect. She gave me a moment to undress privately and she instructed me how to lay on the table and for my face to go in the cradle. She made sure I was comfortable. The music, smell from the candles and lighting made it a very relaxing setting. I especially liked the oil she used. I didn’t have any knots but I did feel like a well kneaded dumpling and afterwards I felt very loose. The second time I received body kneading from Shaniquea was when she invited me to be a guinea pig for a massage at her school. No one in their right mind will turn down an opportunity like that especially it being free. When I got there, there were other students in the room working on other people for their homework assignment. It felt good to not be the only guinea pig. I was a little concerned about changing in front of so many people but she had that covered. She held up a linen around me while looking away as I changed. Then with the linen now wrapped around me I got between the sheets on the massage table. I was wondering how I would be able to unwrap myself out of the linen around me but she knows her stuff and got me out of it without incident. But before all of that she did an assessment of me and realized that one shoulder was higher than the other so she told me she would put extra focus on that shoulder. She also found knots this time around. Although I really enjoyed my previous massage with her, this felt like an improvement, which I didn’t know was possible. Clearly she’s learning some good stuff from her school. My shoulder and back felt so good. When her instructor came over she too felt the same knots as Shaniquea and started massaging the other side. Her instructor’s hands were cold while Shaniquea’s were warm which made for a really good combo. Then another student came along and Shaniquea was showing her how to work on the feet. Now I had three pair of hands on me. I felt like a Gallis, like a King in a palace being pampered. Although it felt really good to have three women tending to me, Shaniquea’s hands had more of a comforting unique heat coming from her hands which I knew came from her ability to do Reiki. After the hour session my shoulder was leveled and both her instructor and I were impressed. My third experience with healing from Shaniquea came in the form of crystals and Reiki. Using a pendulum she did a chakra scan to see how open, closed or blocked any of my main chakras were. I noticed that the speed of the pendulum swinging was different over each chakra but what concerned me the most was that the pendulum didn’t move at all over my throat chakra. I think I have a thyroid problem and I have some difficulty speaking what’s truly on my mind majority of the time. I hold a lot in. She informed me that my chakras were unbalanced and suggested a crystal healing session. I agreed. She placed seven different crystals along my chakras in perfect alignment and one below my feet which she explained was to keep me grounded once the session was over. I’m sensitive to energy so I was able to feel the crystals at work. I dozed off for what felt like a really long time. It felt like time slowed. It turned out that I only dozed off for a few minutes. Whatever the amount of minutes were, I felt rested. Then she performed Reiki with her hands above me with the crystals still on my body. My eyes were closed but I was able to tell where her hands were because I could feel the heat coming from her hands. I really enjoyed the session and I definitely saw a huge improvement with speaking my mind and I hold a lot less in. Thanks a lot Shy!

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