Flozel Smallwood


I was invited to a Rep Lunch and my instincts told me from the night before to cancel.  I did but the rep insisted that we still meet up for lunch.  By the time I got back from the lunch I wasn't feeling well.  There was a tightness in my chest and everything just felt wrong.  I was at my desk when the feeling escalated to the feeling as if I was dying.  I felt very weak and with an once of strength I called my assistant, Shaniquea and asked her if she could bring me a can of ginger ale from the soda machine that's located close to where she sits.  She was by my side in a matter of seconds!  She later told me that the way I sounded really concerned her so she ran to my side of the floor as soon as she hung up the phone.  Stopping of course to get the ginger ale.  I was so happy to see a familiar face.  She came over to me and placed her hands on my shoulders.  I felt like I was going to die.  Honestly!  The way I felt is indescribable.  She opened the can for me and I could barely bring it to my lips.  I remember telling her to call my children and tell them that I loved them.  She shushed me and started saying reassuring words and told me to focus on her voice.  I kept saying to her I feel like that this is it.  I'm going to die.  I begged her not to leave me and to stay by my side when they come for me.  Then I started to feel a warm feeling overcome me.  I started to listen to what she was saying.  She was explaining that she was doing something called Reiki and that I would either feel coolness or heat or nothing at all.  I whispered to her that I felt heat coming from her hands unto my shoulders and all over my body.  I tried reaching for another sip of the ginger ale but I was so weak that it spilled on the desk.  She quickly reached over to stop it from reaching the computer.  I kept repeating that I was dying and she kept telling me that I'm strong and that I'll be fine.  She sounded very sure and I held on to the calmness of her voice.  Then she told me that she'll be right back and I begged her to not leave me.  She told me she was going for help.  She came right back with another assistant. They both placed their hands on me.  Shaniquea's hands were on my back this time and the other assistant's hands were on my head.  I told them I was dying and the assistant told me that I would do no such thing at the job.  LOL.  The next thing I know, I doubled over and threw up.  They both said that, that it was good.  That, whatever is going on had to get out.  I leaned back into the chair instantly noticing that I was feeling better.  They placed their hands back on me and I told them that my head felt cool and that my lower body feels very hot.  Shaniquea explained that the coolness is coming from the other assistant Reiki energy and that the heat is still from her.  Both sensations felt good and I felt like I was breathing better.  I'm not sure how much long after but they both stopped and I told them I felt much better.  The sound of my voice sounded stronger to my ears.  I can't thank Shaniquea enough for her fast thinking and calmness in such a situation.  I really thought I was going to die.  I'm not even sure why I dialed her number instead of anyone else's.  Whatever, the case may be, I'm very thankful. 

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