Dear Shy,

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for my recent Reiki Session with you. This was my first time experiencing something like this and I must say it was magical. Upon completing my cleansing ritual, I placed my chakra stones as you instructed. I put myself into a meditative state (first time ever) and awaited the Reiki to arrive. When it did, I felt as if I was engulfed by a relaxing presence and I drifted deeper into this meditative state. There was a joy and peace that comforted me allowing me to relax and embrace its very essence. While I cannot remember the details of what happened during the session, I do know that I felt when the Reiki left me. I awoke to an utterly peacefulness I have not felt in quite some time. Each and every stone was in place having not moved an inch from where I placed them. I thanked each stone as I removed them and now I want to thank you. This experience was unlike any other I have ever had. The fact that you do not have to be present with the recipient makes it that much more perfect. I look forward to scheduling a session in person as I know it will be even more magical than ever!

With love,

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