Carlene Romain

My name is Carlene, and the first time I experienced the Reiki Healing method was when Shy sent the energy to me. You see I live in Morrow, Georgia and I suffer from MS, stage three kidney disease, high blood pressure and a whole host of fun things. This night I was speaking with Shy and I told her all about how I was feeling and my emotional and mental state of mind. She explained to me about the Reiki before but this night after hearing my issues she explained more. Shy then told me she would send some energy my way. Well boy oh boy she was not lying!!! Here I am in the hospital, sleeping mind you when I felt a wave of heat and I do mean HEAT!!! followed by a nice wave of cool to cold sensation. I felt instantly relaxed and as strange as may sound it felt like I got a weight lifted off my shoulders for some reason. I don't what was in hunnie's crystals (yea she used those too), but it made me feel good enough to go home the very next day.On another evening we was talking and I was not feeling well and I was depressed and very stressed out. Shy sent me a picture showing me what she did on this very huge bear, which represented me since I could not be there for her to do a full treatment!! Just as before she sent a message saying she was starting and I drifted off to sleep ....I kid you not maybe an hour later it felt like someone was moving my "bad energy" off my body and putting in "good energy". I woke the next morning feeling really energetic and relaxed, but mostly my pain was gone just as before.Never having or hearing about the Reiki Healing method personally I would recommend it to anyone feeling the way I do. I most enjoyed the fact that she took the time to explain and asked what my experience was like and she also recommended acupuncture. Honestly folks after having this experience I can't wait to have a full contact one because I liked the way it made me feel afterwards, plus I believe she put in some extra love in there because we are such good friends. Reiki Healing is a MUST try!! Have a blessed day - CR

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