Allona Bristol

I was very wary of receiving a body kneading due to my last experience with someone else. It wasn’t good at all. However, I trusted Shy enough to try it out again. I booked an appointment for 30 minutes and regretted it. I should’ve booked it for 60 minutes! It was over too soon. I truly enjoyed the convenience of her coming to me. I’m a very busy lady and after work I just want to rest up, so the fact that I could be pampered right in the comfort of my living room was very appealing. She came with her massage table and other things to set the mood. I loved how clean her linens were and how well prepared she was. I’m not sure what candle she had burning or what oil she used but it was very good and put me in a very relaxed state. After the body kneading my body felt so much better especially my shoulders. I had also booked a Reiki appointment and so after the body kneading she began. I didn’t know what to expect as I’ve never heard about it prior to her mentioning it. She walked me through everything that she was doing and explained to me that I may either feel a cool, warm or no sensation at all. Either way it means that the energy will be flowing from her hands to me. She also did a scan before the session began and she told me that she felt something going on over my heart. I did feel a little dip when her hands were over that area. As the session began I remember feeling this nice warm soothing sensation coming over me. I felt like I was floating away to a blissful place. I felt so at peace that I dozed off probably around ten minutes into the session. When it was over she did another scan and while her hands where over my heart I did feel it to be lighter. It was a really good experience and I highly recommend her. I felt completely rejuvenated and relaxed after the evening’s session. Thanks again and I wish you all the best Shy!

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